The Serenus Press Road Map Publications



ur mission is to promote the study and use of history and the liberal arts, demonstrating their application in nonacademic settings. To this end we now publish freely downloadable material which users can print and distribute on conventional letter-sized paper. We also encourage employers in all sectors of the economy to provide insight on how to strengthen education that connects good scholarship with professional success.

Serenus Road Map Publications have many applications. They help students choose a college major, reinforce reasons for diligent study, and provide concrete career options. They also aid college administrators in recruiting high school students, and show parents as well as teachers the value of their children’s liberal arts education. To date, our material has been used in nearly half the colleges throughout the United States, as well as numerous schools, historical associations, and libraries.

While many of our new publications deal with history, we believe that history — rigorous history — cannot be written, studied, or applied without due regard to other core subjects: English, science, mathematics, and geography. Nor can mastery be achieved of English, science, mathematics, or geography without an attentive focus on history.

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