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Serenus Press Road Map Publications are available at no charge for educational purposes (see downloading conditions on next page). All material is formatted to print on standard 8½ x 11 inch letter-sized pages, black and white. For help, contact us at

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Accounting & History Timeline.
Presents key events in accounting practice set in historical perspective. Kindles accountants’ interest in the study of history and historians’ interest in accounting. 7 pages.

Applying History.
Connects the study of history and historians’ methods to nonacademic careers in private enterprise and public service. Replaces "History & Business" and "Getting Down to Work". 44 pages.

Careers for Students of History. 4th Edition.
Guides history students through career options; provides overview of appropriate positions and careers in all sectors, including tips on seeking jobs. 11 pages.

History & the U. S. Army.
Details how the study and knowledge of history is put to use in the U.S. Army. Presents career options for students of history and outlines steps used in the military to complete historical studies. 9 pages.

History As a Literary Art.
Championing clarity, vigor, and objectivity, Samuel Eliot Morison offers advice on making history – and writing – come alive. 7 pages.
Value History
History Advisory Councils.
Explains why a history department should have an advisory board and how to establish one. Details activities, planning, direction, benefits, and checklist. 12 pages.

Value History!
Corrects misconceptions that history is an impractical "for-academics-only" subject. Illustrates benefits that the study of history brings to personal, civic, and professional lives. 3 pages.

While many of our publications deal with history, we believe that history – rigorous history – cannot be written, studied, or applied without due regard to other core subjects: English, science, mathematics, and geography.  From time to time we will offer new guides to underline this interest.

A Practical Guide to Writing Poems.
Suggests effective ways of writing poems from first draft to revisions and final copy. Various types of poems are discussed and analyzed. Text, examples of poems, and glossary. 40 pages.

Biology Grows Careers.
Guides liberal arts and science students in a structured search for relevant careers in biological sciences. Presents a timeline of key events in the history of biology. 14 pages.